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Well well...

Last post: November, 2012. Today: January, 2015. It's been an interesting 2-some years.

As much as I thought I might never bother to see this site again, another part of me apparently wants to attempt to start blogging again for unknown reasons. Much has changed in the 2-ish years since I last put up anything, and hopefully one change for the better is my writing abilities or my abilities to convey information.


Bet you can’t do….this! The coolest self-pic in the world.


Video, video, video...

Well I do apologize for my blog for being down. The server it was on was being moved physically to a new location, so it needed time for relocation. Though I doubt many people actually bother to follow my sea of links, anyway :-P

Vote the Humans Out” – Hank for Congress has a new campaign ad out

Logistics of the reverse-war

The months-long planning and logistical “war” of recovering equipment from Afghanistan

AT&T one of the first to have plans for shutting off its 2G network

Back from vacation, RSS backlog galore!

Chasing “ghost trains” around Britain

Riding along with the Mars rover drivers


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